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George Morris Connections with Crunwere 1890s

My father was George Ivor Mervyn Morris from Melinau, my aunt lived next door to Rose Cottage. My father's siblings are now all deceased, but my cousins and their families are still in the area.

I think only my dad and uncle Clem (Clement Edward) ever left the area. My father left after the war, spent some time in Dorchester then Liverpool.

We visited as children and I hope to revisit this year. I still have family there and am at present working on my family history.

My grandparents were George Morris, who lived and worked at Mountain, Crunwere. George gives his place of birth as St Daniels. Research now shows that he may have been baptised in Pembroke St Mary in June 1872 along with his twin James, his mother being Martha Morris of Furston (or Furzton), Monkton.

West Llanteg (Lanteague) Farm - on left of road going up to Tavernspite.

East Llanteg (Lanteague) Farm - on right of road going up to Tavernspite.

(Not sure which farm George worked on in 1891 but it would have been either East or West Llanteg.)

On the 1891 census George is working with another family of Morrises at Lanteague, Crunwear. George married Martha Thomas in 1893 who lived and worked at Trenewydd, Crunwear, her father was Richard Thomas and she was born in Laugharne.

By the 1901 census the family were at Lampeter Velfrey with George working as a navvy.

My aims are twofold, firstly I would like to return my father’s memory to his birthplace and secondly to have knowledge of the family and the area for my children and grandchild.

Sally Mongomery
Daughter of George I M Morris
Who married Sarah Jane Newton in St Clements church Liverpool in 1944 and fathered 3 children.

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  1. Hello Sally,

    I am a relation of yours. George Morris is my great grandfather. His daughter Adelia Joyce is my grandmother - your dad's older sister so I think that makes you my mum's first cousin. I have traced the Morrises right back to the early 1700s to Camrose. I've also done a fair bit on Martha Thomas's family .. originally not from Laugharne by the way .. but we can exchange information once we make contact.

    Hopefully Ruth who runs this site and who was wonderfully helpful to me when I was researching the family some years back, will be able to put us in contact.

    Kind regards,