Thursday, 17 February 2011

Henry John and Sarah Llewellyn Graves at Amroth Churchyard

We have looked for the following two stones for a few years, because they relate to ancestors of many of our Llanteg families.  Now, thanks to the endeavours of Carol Mason, we have received these lovely pictures from Ted White in Canada. 

These two stones are supposedly under the large tree by the north gate of Amroth churchyard, but we have all failed to find them  so well done Ted! 

Ted also goes on to say:
'In the north east corner of St Elidyr's in Amroth is a very large beech tree.  Beneath its shady branches is a scattered group of gravestones marking the final resting place of many of the JOHN family.
Some stones are small and bear only initals, CJ and SJ for instance: others are almost covered by the build up of debris at the edge of the churchyard.  A few are legible and record the deaths of husbands and wives of the JOHN family, amongst them are:'

Here lieth the Body Of Sara John wife Of Henry John who Departed this life December 17th 1826
[No age is shown]
Picture by Ted White

In memory of Henry John who Died October 23 1822 age 72 years
Picture Ted White

On 28th February 2011 Ruth went down hoping to find the stones, but was met with a carpet of holly branches.  However some pictures were taken which might prove of use in the future:
Two JOHN graves -the tree is on the left.

Row of small graves to the east of the tree - looks like the back fo them.

There is one small grave hidden in the centre of this shot - the tree is on the left.

The first of the large JOHN garves from above.

Small headstone behind the large JOHN stone.

Bad shot but you can see the hidden small stone.

Second large JOHN gravestone.

The hidden small stone again - in centre of shot.

JOHN grave is on the right - large tree on left.

Our 'family tree' wth all its overgrown holly at its base.

Base of tree at Amroth - I don't think this grave is for JOHNs.

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