Saturday, 5 March 2011

Llanteg's Roll of Honour


(Taken from the Roll of Honour book which was in Crunwere Church - all spellings are as they appear.  Some people are form outside the parish.)


Men of the parish and district who died in the Great War 1914-18:-

Davies William, Private, Bevelin

Glanville H.S., Private, Lanteg

Men killed in action in the Second World War 1939-45:

Owen L.G.J., S.O. R.A.F, Syke Farm

Mason J., A.B. R.N., Ruel Wall

Men who served their country in the First World War:

Allen W.T. Private Rose Cottage

Beynon William Driver Gorse

Callen A. Private Longlane

Callen W. Driver Longlane

Connol William Private Greenacre

Collingwood William Private Three Wells

Davies J. Private Blackheath

Glanville L. Private Lanteg

Glanville R. Engineers Lanteg

George R.G. Private Downs

Hodge A. Private Barriets

Howells William Private Woodreef

James B. Private Cabin

James C. Gunner Summer Brook

James F. Private Cabin

James H. Gunner Blackheath

James J. Corporal Ruel Wall

James T. Corporal Ruel Wall

James William Gunner Broomy Lake

James William H. Corporal Cabin

Jones G.S. Private Heatherland

Jones H. Private Heatherland

Jones N.G. 2nd Lieut. Heatherland

Lewis J. Private Barn

Lewis T. Private Folly

Mortimer J.S. Sergeant Ledgerland

Phillips A.G. Private Corner

Phillips D. Gunner Corner

Phillips T.D. Captain Crafty

Phillips T.W. Sapper Corner

Phillips William Driver Corner

Phillips W.C. Private Crafty

Reynolds S. Driver Belle Vue

Scourfield J. L. Corp. Pantglas

Men and women who served their country in the Second World War:

Allen N. L.A.C. Oxford

Brinsden A.H. Corporal Stanwell

Bevan K. L.A.C. Brownslade

Davies W.H. Driver Brynely

Davies N.H. Corp. R.A.C. Brynely

Davies E.G. Corp. R.A.C. Brynely

Eyden J. Private Syke Farm

George A. L.A.C. Downs

Glanville H.R. Driver Lanteg West

Hawes Miss M. A.T.S. Subaltern Heatherland

Howells A. Driver The Valley

Jones N.J.G. Colonel Heatherland

Jones G.S.G. Major Heatherland

James W.H. Gunner Blackheath

James H.R. L.A.C. Blackheath

James W.G. Gunner Bevlin

James H.G. Gunner Bevlin

Mortimer Miss D. W.A.A.F Summer Brook

Oriel A. Driver Garness

Owens V.M. R.A.F. Syke Farm

Phelps G. A.C. Milton Back

Williams G. Capt. Lanteglos

Williams Mrs R. Red Cross Lanteglos

Wolff T. S. African Navy School House

Wolff Miss S. W.A.A.F.

Section Officer School House

Wolff D. W.O. R.A.F. School House

Wolff Miss K. W.A.A.F. School House

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