Remembrance Net 2017

This came about as an idea after the 2016 Remembrance when Jill Roberts showed me the following images:

Inspired by the idea but not having a huge band of helpers I decided to do a smaller version for our village hall.

Firstly I bought some net

Unable to find poppies I decided to make my own so purchased red rose petals off ebay - around £5 for 100

The poppies would be sewn using four petals and with a black button as their centre.  The buttons were bought off ebay by the 100

The four petals were sewn to make the poppy.  They they were attached to the net.  It was afterwards that I sewed in the black centre button.

The men's pictures with names and black borders were printed out and laminated.  They were cut into ovals and sewn top and bottom in a scattered fashion among the poppies.

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