Saturday, 23 February 2019

Llanteg History Society - 20 years

To celebrate our 20 years of existence and the numerous projects we have completed we are holding a mini exhibition at LLANTEG HALL on Sunday 23rd June alongside the village Jo Cox Get-gether from 2.30pm.
We will have lots of old pictures on display of village families as well as maps, scrapbooks, photo albums and also our publications will be on sale.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Llanteg Remembrance 2017

Remembrance 12th November - we held our Annual Service on Remembrance Sunday in Llanteg Hall.  
Thanks to Sue James for setting up and to John Lewis-Tunster for conducting the service.  
Also thanks to everyone who brought along mementos.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Woodreef talk

We had a really interesting talk by Dee Williams on the 17th October about the ancient structures around her home at Woodreef, Marros.

She has an Iron Age Fort, Roman structure, medieval ruins called Greyrock, plus another old ruin called The Cabin.
The fort was the triangular area

Site of medieval house

Map showing the fort, Woodreef and The Cabin

Dee kindly offered us a walk around the area in the spring.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Crunwere Church - aerial view July 2017

Lovely shot of Crunwere Church found on google maps this morning.
Taken in July 2017 by a Ben George.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

John Lloyd's Grave in Alberta 2017

Well today I had an update from a contact over there, showing me how well this little... isolated and almost inaccessible small cemetery on the hillside is maintained.
The tidiness of this isolated plot is a credit to the people over there and puts some of our local UK graveyards to shame.

The man standing by the headstone with the rifle is Bill Taylor. He is the self proclaimed keeper of Lovett townsite & cemetery, and the only one with permanent permission to cross into the mining lease to attend the site.

If you look carefully, you will see that Johnnie is holding a rifle as he inspects the headstone. There were apparently some large grizzly bears in the area that day.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Cabin

===The Cabin===
Seems there are still ruins on Marros Mountain of The Cabin, where some local people from the village had lived over the years.

I have two shown on the Roll of Honour for WW1:
James B. Private Cabin
James F. Private Cabin
I'm pretty sure Frank James ended up at Bevlin in Llanteg.

Also mentioned in the old school log books:
17 Feb 1926 - it was thought advisable that the repair of the footbridge near to the Cabin should be considered.
25 Feb 1926 - a Managers and Parish Council meeting was called to discuss the repairs and renewal of two footbridges, one near the Cabin, one near Milton Back. The footbridge near the Cabin is needed daily by school children. Attention was also drawn to the need of a rail near Lanteague Crossing (Llanteg crossroads) and the raising of the roadway a foot just beyond the crossing towards the school which after rain is ‘overflooded’. Mr James, Clyngwyn, kindly undertook the repairs of the footbridge near the Cabin. Mr Williams, Whitland, was to have his attention drawn to the repairs needed to put the Milton Back footbridge safe.

Pembrokeshire Yeomanry Book - local connections

On the hard cover version Jack Mortimer, Summerbook ( Graham's father) was on the front cover, he is the soldier show in full. 

Coincidentally on the back cover in the photo showing the troops at camp in Penally, Graham's wife Jean's father is the sergeant on the left with the horses head in front of him. Jack Mortimer is the soldier on the right with his hands on his hips.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Picture links broken

Some picture links are broken due to Photobucket's change of policy without warning.

I plan to reinstate what pictures I can find but please bear with me in the meantime.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Llanteg Village 1819 OS Map

Crunwere parish and the centre of Llanteg village - 1819 OS map - before the A477.
Showing the Oaklands Road coming up to join the lane to Trenewydd Farm but not continuing through the village.

The main routes were south from Trenewydd, south from Tavernspite and east along the old route which Is now only a footpath in parts that goes east from Trenewydd Lane behind the hall and then loops by the garage to go past the church field and on to Carmarthenshire.

North of the parish:

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Crunwere Graves at Find a Grave

We have now uploaded all the graves for Crunwere parish and they can all be found online at Find a Grave website.  A total of 754 entries and 560 photographs.

With Zoar Chapel we have uploaded gravestones up to the year 2000 - for any subsequent burials you will need to contact E.C.Thomas & Sons who now run the chapel as a Chapel of Rest.

St Elidyr Church Crunwere

Mountain Chapel

Zoar Baptist Chapel

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Crunwear Tithe Map

Finally Crunwear Tithe map is online.
Not done anything with it yet - we have various bits of paper copies over the years but this makes it more accessible for people to see.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Topographical directory of wales 1849 Cronwere (Crunwear)

Topographical directory of wales 1849 Cronwere (Crunwear)
CRONWERE (CRUNWEAR), a parish, in the union and hundred of Narberth, county of Pembroke, South Wales, 5 miles (E. S. E.) from Narberth; containing 282 inhabitants.

This parish is situated on the eastern confines of the county, a short distance south of the turnpike-road from Laugharne to Narberth. It is bounded on the north by Lampeter, on the south by Amroath, on the west by Ludchurch, and on the east by Carmarthenshire, from which it is separated by a small brook.

The number of acres is about 2000, of which 1500 are arable, and 500 pasture.

The surface is of a hilly character: the soil is various; red earth, affording rich pasture, extends across a portion of the parish in a direction from north to south; other parts are cold and sterile, with a subsoil of clay; the earth covering the limestone portion is good, but liable to become soon parched and dry.

There is a village named Lanteague, the only one in the parish; also a corn-mill, and a mill where the coarse cloth of the country is prepared and dyed: a quarry is likewise worked, producing limestone of fine quality.

The living is a discharged rectory, rated in the king's books at £6. 16. 10½., and in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor: the tithes have been commuted for a rent-charge of £105; there is a glebe-house, and the glebe contains sixty-eight acres, valued at £50 per annum.

The church, dedicated to St. Elidyr, is a very ancient structure, now nearly in ruins, and contains 200 sittings. A Sunday school was established in the year 1820.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Locations of Lost/Disappeared Properties in Llanteg/Crunwere

Den, Ivy Cottage, Lanteague Cottage, Little Downs, Locations of Lost Properties, Milton Back, Mountain Corner, Rigman Hill, Toll Gate, Perlin Hill, Bowman's Pit, Greenacre, Norton, Little Bounty, Pont Y Ddwy Sire, Rhydgoch, Clyne Bush, Bush, Clumps, Trenewydd Lodge.

Bowman's Pit
Believed to have been near to Garness.

Believed to be north of the Crossland's Road.

Clyne Bush/Bush
Believed to be north of the Crossland's Road North West of Broomylake.

1888 OS Map
To north of the parish above Three Wells

1888 OS Map

South of Zoar Chapel and Stanwell - some ruins hidden in the hedge on the eastern side of the road near the bend.

Ivy Cottage
1888 OS Map

South of West Llanteg, now called Fern Villa

Lanteague old style spelling

Lanteague Cottage
1888 OS Map

Situated roughly just west of where the garage is today

Little Bounty
Probably situated half way along the Crosslands Road between the Rectory and Trenewydd top lane.  There is land there call Bountyland on which were the ruins. While in the corner of the lower field north of Crofty was what appeared to have been a garden.  Access could easily have been obtained form the old road that ran behind Crofty, which was once a main thoroughfare.

Little Downs
1888 OS Map

South of A477 roughly where Brongwendraeth is today

Milton Back
1888 OS Map

North of Rose Cottage and west of Milton

Mountain Corner
1888 OS Map

North Of Rose Cottage and west of Milton Back

Houses south of Llanteg Crossroads.  The area is still called Norton Shute by older residents. In 1841 there were two properties, both occupied by Daltons.

Perlin Hill
Located near to Ledgerland (to be checked)

Pont Y Ddwy Sire
Meaning Bridge of the Two Counties.  This is believed to have been to the north of the parish near Peggy Roger's Corner and Pantglas, which is where the spring arises that divides the two counties.

Show on the 1842 Tithe Map as being on the right at the bottom of the hill where the Broomylake turning is north of the Rectory.

Rigman Hill1888 OS Map

North of Crunwere Farm

Toll Gate
1888 OS Map

On the map it looks like it is on the south western corner of the crossroads

Trenewydd Lodge
1888 OS Map

Was in a field and reached by a lane running West across in front of what is now Sandy Grove.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Llanteg Village Name and Pronunciation

Have looked up the authority book on village names - called Place Names of Pembrokeshire.

Llanteg has been spelt many different ways over the centuries - Lanteg (1324 Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem), Llanteage (1569 Francis Green Manuscripts).  Lanteague seems to date from 1789 (Picton Castle Coillection) while there was even a Nanteg in 1329 and other variations.  

No specific mention of when the current spelling emerged - though it might have developed with the arrival of post offices etc.  Something for us to look into!

The village is currently called LLANTEG - but the old Mountain Chapel has a different spelling of LANTEAGUE

Also the houses around the old crossroads were also spelt LANTEAGUE back in 1888.

Oddly although the spelling is in the Welsh form of Llanteg it is always pronounced as if it was spelt Lanteague.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Crunwere 1610 Map

Supposedly a replica of Old Map of Pembrokeshire 1610 so no wonder there is weird spelling for Manorbier! It's a map originally done by John Speed.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Mountain Chapel Graves Online

Find A Grave

Mountain Chapel graves and pictures have also now been uploaded to the Find A Grave website which is searchable.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Crunwere Graves Online

Well I now have 383 names entered for St Elidyr Church.  Just a few to check and I have two anomalies to sort out - otherwise all the names are there.

The pictures have also been added.

Mountain Chapel will be a doddle after this lot!

You can also link the names of husbands, wives and parents but that might come later!

Search for cemetery records in Pembrokeshire at by entering a surname and clicking search:

Restrict search to


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hugh Slader Glanville - WW1

More information has come to light regarding Hugh Slader Glanville.

It seems he went from Greenhill School to study Agriculture at Aberystwyth University (thanks to Steve John for the info). 

H.S.Glanville is also recorded on the War Memorial at the University, as well as at Greenhill.

We were also contacted by a Mr Powell whose grandfather fought alongside H.S.Glanville at Gaza.

It seems Benjamin Morgan rescued H.S.Glanville from the field of battle when he had been injured. This was such a daring deed of bravery under fire that Benjamin was awarded the Military Medal.  Unfortunately H.S.Glanville died from his wounds.

Benjamin Morgan was from Boncath and was presented with the MM by the Duke of Connaught in Jerusalem on 20th March 1918.

Benjamin Morgan survived the war unscathed, only to later die from a fall in 1927.

Hugh Slader Glanville must have left a lasting impression on his friend Benjamin who later went on to name his son 'Glanville' in honour of his lost comrade.

It seems the Military Medal left the family after Benjamin Morgan died in an accident aged just 30 years - leaving his wife with two young children to bring up alone.