Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Cabin

===The Cabin===
Seems there are still ruins on Marros Mountain of The Cabin, where some local people from the village had lived over the years.

I have two shown on the Roll of Honour for WW1:
James B. Private Cabin
James F. Private Cabin
I'm pretty sure Frank James ended up at Bevlin in Llanteg.

Also mentioned in the old school log books:
17 Feb 1926 - it was thought advisable that the repair of the footbridge near to the Cabin should be considered.
25 Feb 1926 - a Managers and Parish Council meeting was called to discuss the repairs and renewal of two footbridges, one near the Cabin, one near Milton Back. The footbridge near the Cabin is needed daily by school children. Attention was also drawn to the need of a rail near Lanteague Crossing (Llanteg crossroads) and the raising of the roadway a foot just beyond the crossing towards the school which after rain is ‘overflooded’. Mr James, Clyngwyn, kindly undertook the repairs of the footbridge near the Cabin. Mr Williams, Whitland, was to have his attention drawn to the repairs needed to put the Milton Back footbridge safe.

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