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Locations of Lost/Disappeared Properties in Llanteg/Crunwere

Den, Ivy Cottage, Lanteague Cottage, Little Downs, Locations of Lost Properties, Milton Back, Mountain Corner, Rigman Hill, Toll Gate, Perlin Hill, Bowman's Pit, Greenacre, Norton, Little Bounty, Pont Y Ddwy Sire, Rhydgoch, Clyne Bush, Bush, Clumps, Trenewydd Lodge.

Bowman's Pit
Believed to have been near to Garness.

Believed to be north of the Crossland's Road.

Clyne Bush/Bush
Believed to be north of the Crossland's Road North West of Broomylake.

1888 OS Map
To north of the parish above Three Wells

1888 OS Map

South of Zoar Chapel and Stanwell - some ruins hidden in the hedge on the eastern side of the road near the bend.

Ivy Cottage
1888 OS Map

South of West Llanteg, now called Fern Villa

Lanteague old style spelling

Lanteague Cottage
1888 OS Map

Situated roughly just west of where the garage is today

Little Bounty
Probably situated half way along the Crosslands Road between the Rectory and Trenewydd top lane.  There is land there call Bountyland on which were the ruins. While in the corner of the lower field north of Crofty was what appeared to have been a garden.  Access could easily have been obtained form the old road that ran behind Crofty, which was once a main thoroughfare.

Little Downs
1888 OS Map

South of A477 roughly where Brongwendraeth is today

Milton Back
1888 OS Map

North of Rose Cottage and west of Milton

Mountain Corner
1888 OS Map

North Of Rose Cottage and west of Milton Back

Houses south of Llanteg Crossroads.  The area is still called Norton Shute by older residents. In 1841 there were two properties, both occupied by Daltons.

Perlin Hill
Located near to Ledgerland (to be checked)

Pont Y Ddwy Sire
Meaning Bridge of the Two Counties.  This is believed to have been to the north of the parish near Peggy Roger's Corner and Pantglas, which is where the spring arises that divides the two counties.

Show on the 1842 Tithe Map as being on the right at the bottom of the hill where the Broomylake turning is north of the Rectory.

Rigman Hill1888 OS Map

North of Crunwere Farm

Toll Gate
1888 OS Map

On the map it looks like it is on the south western corner of the crossroads

Trenewydd Lodge
1888 OS Map

Was in a field and reached by a lane running West across in front of what is now Sandy Grove.

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