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Old Village Rhyme - by Charles F.Shepperd 1933

Old Village Rhyme - by Charles F.Shepperd 1933.

This was an old village rhyme recorded by Charles Shepperd in his little booklet 'St Elidyr, Crunwere, A Historical Note 1933'.

This rhyme is connected with the stream that divides Crunwere parish form its neighbours and is also the dividing line between Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire:

Nanny the Bog and Cold Well,
Castle Ely House and Castle Ely Mill;
Garness House and Garness Mill,
Bowman's Pit and Perlin Hill;
Ledgerland and the Tucking mill,
Cats' Nest and Donkey Hill.
'All the land form Garness House to Cats' Nest is in the parish.  Some of these no longer exist, only the names being remembered.'

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