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Village Wells

The above map is two sections joined together – so forgive the discrepancy in the centre. These are also older maps so some of the footpaths may no longer exist.
Copyright Ordnance Survey 1975 Pathfinder Series

This work is ongoing but so far, as well as wells on private farms such as Oaklands and Three Wells the village had the following wells:

When the Rectory Well still had its metal door

Now with only half a door

Half door now removed - hopefully for renovation.

Further down the Rectory hill was this tap, which we cleared of ivy.

A big mistake as when road works were taking place in 2006 the tape disappeared!

Rectory Hill – still visible

The Griggs – this must have been for general use as there was a designated footpath shown on maps down to it

South of Llanteglos/Summerbrook - The Sweet Well – this also had a designated footpath and the dwelling Porth Y Ffynnon is built where the well field gateway was.
Ruth spoke to Jean Mortimer who recalls it being known as the Sweet Well.  It was on Summerbrook Farm property but the pathway to it was from
Trelessy Lane (through where Porth Y Fynnon is now)
.  Apparently if you had used the footpath you got to the end and then used a stile, and the well was just in the field.  It was stone built and Jean recalls it had an iron door.  The well is now supposed to be within the Woodland Trust Lanteague Wood.  This will be followed up.  I have now forwarded these details to the Woodland Trust (Dec 2010).
Church Well – very little is know of this one – it is in the north east corner of the churchyard – but outside the walls rather than within the yard.

Any additional information would be appreciated.

Not a well - but the site of where an old village tap used to be - between The Laurels and Bevlin (aparetnly there was one near the old school as well.

The top two photographs were taken around 2000, sadly by 2010 the cover was damaged.

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