Saturday, 3 July 2010

Llanteg History Exhibitions

From the beginning the History Society wanted to circulate as much information as possible, so as well as publishing books we also decided to hold exhibitions to show the vaste array of photographs and other items which we had collected.

Our first exhibition was held in the summer of 2000.  We had no display boards and relied on old tressle tables, lining paper, drawing pins and bluetack - plus lots of sellotape!  Not what people would call a 'professional job', but the important part in our opinion was all the interesting things on view - not the fact that we could not affort display boards!

The event was held over two days and we had a fanastic response from everyone - both far and wide.

Before it opened

Ruth Roberts, Councillor Mary Megarry, Judith Lloyd

Matthew Roberts helping to fundraise with notelets and jewellery

Matthew Roberts

Our second exhibition was agian held over two days - and was also a great success.  Opened by local historian and author Roscoe Howells, we agaiun had a great attendance - and met many interesting people.

Roscoe Howells

Judith Lloyd and Roscoe Howells

Matthew and Ruth Roberts

More exhibits on the stage

Willie Phillips (Three Gates, Red Roses) telling a story to Ruth and Matthew Roberts

John Lewis-Tunster

Audrey James and Margaret Brinsden helping wiht the refreshments

Ted White (Canada), Philip Nicholas (Baglan) and Ruth Roberts
Ted's wife, Philip and Ruth are all distant cousins

Matthew Roberts - quiet before the opening!

Our third exhibition was held in the middle of the week in July 2003 which proved a great mistake.  It was done to coincide with Amroth's week of activities, but proved not to be what our regular attenders wanted, as many could not make a week day.  So although we had our new display boads on wheels etc - this was not as well supported as our previous two events.

The Tunster family quilt - made by Lydia Sharp

Bits and pieces of interest on the stage

More clothing on the stage

Items and ephemera on the stage

The W.I. patchwork quilt

Displays on the stage

This was the first exhibitions where we had proper display boards
which we put around the hall

We have not had a full-blown exhibition since, although we have had events for the War Memorial Unveiling, Mountain Chapel Gardens Unveiling, plus two book launches.

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