Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Castle Ely and Muttongate

Information from Elizabeth Wilson on the Llewellyn family of Castle Ely (ancestors of Tony Brinsden)
I've noticed the Llewellin's in West Pool and Middle Pool. They're still there in 1911 census, but have no connection with my family at all, as far as I can see.  
I think Muttongate, Ciffig, (Tony's grandmother Anne was born there in 1887) must be one of the old cottages around Castle Ely - it is between Syke and Castle Ely on the census. It must have been on the old road through Castle Ely. There seems to be the remains of a track leading from Castle Ely to Syke along the bottom land, although it isn't shown on the maps. My cousin Angela was telling me that when she was a child, she and her sisters used to walk from East Pool to Castle Ely along a track along the bottom of Syke to visit our Auntie Annie (Mrs Albert Wilson). Having said that, I've just had a look at the old 1840 map and there is a track from Greenbridge, past East Pool, through Pwll Cogan (West and Middle Pool), below Syke and coming out at Castle Ely.  It just shows how closely connected these places were in the past when the roads took a different path. I must get those photos I took sorted out.

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