Thursday, 25 September 2008

Mountain Chapel Llanteg - Pumps

Found a great website today -

Sent them a photo of our two pumps and have been having interesting e-mails from Richard Williams who runs the site.

He has sent me the following data on our pumps:-

'Joseph Evans "York" Cottage Pumps, strongly made, and fitted with brass lining and brass union, screwed for wrought iron tube or for lead pipe". And one of your pumps is fitted with "ears to fix to wall or plank".If the diameter of the barrel is 2.5" it was offered for sale at 37/-, 3" at 40/-, 3.5" at 44/9, and 4" at 48/6. Unfortunately, I don't know the date of the catalogue, but I'd guess the end of the 19th Century.'

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