Thursday, 13 September 2007

Review of this Blog

Just found this review of our Blog while searching Google:- is a brilliant and simple solution to the problem which confronts many societies who would like a website of their own — Llanteg History Society created a blog! Blogs are almost exclusively used by individuals for a wide range of activities, from on-line personal diaries to being devoted to a particular activity, such as family history or in my own case I do a blog about my local park. Llanteg is north-east of Tenby in Dyfed and the site contains a wealth of historical and topical information about the village and, because of its immediacy, has a lovely friendly feel, as if you know the place. I was encouraged by a friend to set up my blog and it took me no more than a couple of hours to do. It's very easy to add images and links to other websites. To see what can be achieved this is a ‘must see’ website.

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