Monday, 30 July 2007

Llanteg's 'Roman Road'

The thick red line roughly shows where the old road used to go through the village from west to east. As you can see the 'new' A477 cuts a much straighter course.
(The red circle on the map is the location of the old school gardens - mentioned here elsewhere.)

This may not be an offical Roman Road but was always called that by locals.
It was once the main route through Llanteg before the Turnpike Road came in the 1830s, later to become the A477, which cut through the parish.
It went from Trenewydd Lane in the west, behind Middleton, Blackheath and Crofty. It then looped south (behind the Hall), crossing the new A477 and going behind Brongwendrath (little bungalow by side of road) continuing on until it looped back again just behind the Garage. Crossing the A477 again to became the Church Lane - which passed the field containing the church and continued on past an old property called Oxford and then left the parish - near Castle Ely.

As you can see the section behind the Hall, shown above, is now an impenetrable tangle of brambles. Once it was easily walkable (its still an official footpath) - although the path was blocked up nearer the Trenewydd end.

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