Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Crunwere Church, Llanteg

Just heard unofficially that our church is now classed as unsafe.
The electricity has been turned off and shortly it will be cordoned off - but still allowing access to most of the graves.

Therefore there will be no more services there - a sad end to such an old building.

Its fortunate that we are recording the graves and taking photographs as who knows what might happen if the tower fell.


  1. I believe my great great grandfather was from this area ..........Charles Watts born 1827 ..........please could you verify.......either in Amroth, Crunwear , Marros or Eglwys Cymin . Contact Adeygrif@hotmail.com with info............thank you very much

  2. Sorry to disappoint but I have checked the Baptism register from around 1824 up to 1830 and there are no references to any Watts whatsoever.

  3. A great great great! Grandfather of mine was born in Crumwear I believe. Henry Wilkins b. Abt 1822. I've not found a proper record of his birth elsewhere; do you have any information on him. I should most grateful to know. angela_willes@hotmail.com

  4. Hi - hope you are happy to share any Llanteg related info for your family as we are always interested to find out more.

    I have checked through copies I have of the baptism register for Crunwere Church from 1813-1872 and have found the following:

    15/5/1814 - Thomas son of Griffith and Elizabeth Wilkin - Crunwear Bush (a disappeared property), servant

    14/4/1820 - WIlliam son of above, Brimmy Lake (now called Broomylake), mason

    12/2/1823 - Henry, son of above, Crunwear Bush, mason (copy of page attached)

    28/8/1825 - Mary, dau of above, Crunwear Bush, mason

    20/7/1828 - James, son of above, Crunwear Bush, mason

    1/10/1831 - Jane, dau of above, Crunwear Bush, mason

    19/8/1833 - Charles, son of above, Crunwear Bush, mason

    23/8/1838 - Eliza, dau of above, Crunwear Bush, mason

    Maybe connected - could be the Mary born in 1825?:

    24/12/1853 Eliza, dau of Mary Wilkins, Den (disappeared property) single woman

    18/1/1860 - Cecilia (?), dau of Mary Wilkins, Den, single woman.