Thursday, 8 March 2007

Completed Projects

With help of grants from The Lottery, SPARC (now PLANED) and PAVS, some of our work includes:-

Compiled this blog together with oens for Crunwere Church, Mountain Chapel, Zoar Chapel, Crunwere School.

Complied folder and blog with Then and Now pictures around the village.

Completed blog with a Timeline for Llanteg.

Transcribed village censuses 1841-1901.

Collected old Wills, Newspaper Articles, Sales Notices etc.

Bought a large map of village, 10 display boards plus an aerial photo for the Village Hall.

Compiled a Millennium census of residents and taken photos of each property.

Taken picture of features around the village and also take more shots as places change.

Collected reminiscences of older residents.

Collected Christmas reminiscences.

Collected old and current field names for comparison.

Conducted a year long Hedgerow Survey into plants in the parish.

Redrafted and published the Village Information Leaflet.

Researched the names of people who fought in the 2 World Wars and commissioned a War Memorial for the village hall.

Purchased 2 old water pumps and remodelled the gardens where the old Mountain Chapel had stood. We also erected an information panel.

Collected all grave inscriptions and photographed each of the 296 gravestones in the parish.
Tidied Mountain Chapel Gardens and put two old village pumps there - together with planters and a plaque.

four history books, two picture books, W.I.booklet, Graves booklet, Recipe booklet, two House History booklets.

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