Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Tiny Footbridge at Castle Ely

Saw this tiny overgrown footbridge at the entrance lane to Waterwynch (or Upper Castle Ely and Fronhaul) - only leads into undergrowth now but must have served a purpose once?


  1. There was a well/spring here for generations. Some time ago Carms Council put a small pumping station here to pump water up to a storage tank at Upper Castle Ely, which in turn supplies water to surrounding farms - Castle Ely, Fronhaul, Brynely, Brynhyfryd, etc. There was a pipe allowing the water to run out at this spot, but I think this has been stopped now. The footbridge probably leads to the pumping station (a small shed!) Health and safety probably thought someone might trip over a stone or something, hence the footbridge.

  2. Thanks ever so much for leaving the very interesting comment.

    Nice to know people actually read what I post!